While picking up a heavy duty atv disc that I purchased from JWS for my Iowa hunting property, I was so impressed with the craftsmanship that went into the BruteBuster series food plot planters that two days later found me driving back over to Nebraska to purchase their atv 2 row planter for my corn and soybean food plots.  My 500 polaris atv handles the 2 row corn planter just fine but you can sure tell that the planter is back there!  The food plot equipment coming out of the JWS manufacturing facility is second to none and built to last.  My corn and soybean food plots look outstanding on my Iowa hunting farm!  



I've thoroughly enjoyed using my 4 row corn planter that I purchased from you to plant my 20 acre crop fields in Pennsylvania.  The extra corn and soybean planter plates that you sent with my corn planter came in handy as well. Thanks for a well built product and answering all of my questions about the 4 row planter in timely manner.

John- Pennsylvania 


I've had my BruteBuster Series 3-Point 3 Row Planter for a couple years now.  With it I've been through two successful planting seasons and am looking forward to starting my third season shortly.  I am impressed with how flexible the Jungman planter is.  Behind my 40  hp compact tractor I have established small and large food plots on flat land, steep hillsides and everything in between.  The rugged construction, shark-tooth trash handlers and Yetter Flex seeders have enabled me to plant in killed sod, last-years stubble and prepared seed beds.  I ordered mine with the liquid fertilizer option.  It is so nice to be able to apply a variety of "starter fluid" fertilizers while planting.  In my case, these fertilizers have definitely led to better crop outcomes.  In addition to the corn and bean plates that Brent included with the unit, I have since bought additional plates enabling me to plant sorghum and sunflowers.  As good as the planter is, the best thing about my experience is doing business with JWS.  The pre-purchase support and post-sale service has been second to none.  Many people say "buy American". Brent redefines the meaning of that statement.  The product, the support and the service represent the very best American value that a consumer can hope for.

Greg T. Wisconsin


I purchased a BruteBuster Series 3-Point 3 Row Planter with the liquid fertilizer option to use on my hunting land.  First of all it is built like a tank and is surprisingly easy to use even though I have had no previous experience with any type of farm equipment.  This year I was able to successfully plant 2 acres of forage soybeans, 2 acres of corn, and roughly 4 acres of sorghum.  Everything is growing beautifully and looks as though it was planted by an expert.  Brent is a professional in every sense of the word. He has always answered any questions in a timely manner and has given me great advice and tips. Thanks for a great piece of planting equipment!

Jeremiah C, North Carolina


I received my 3 row planter from Jungman Wildlife Supply a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to break it in yesterday. I am impressed! This thing was tossing lightly chopped corn stubble out of the way and doing a great job planting in a far less than perfect seed bed. This unit has a very short learning curve which is aided by a good manual and great service on his end. I'm very happy with this planter.

H.R,  Carver, North Carolina

Bioplots Food Plot and Habitat Management    www.bioplots.com


If there are others out there looking for small farm or food plot equipment that is quality made in the USA and buy something other than equipment from Jungman then they bought from the wrong company. When Brent said he would correct an issue with my ATV 2 row planter last year I took it with a "grain of salt" but he made good on his promise; not only did he redesign the lift for the planter but made a trip to Ohio to exchange the parts and put them on a newly designed lift!  I don't know of any other company that would go that extra mile to support the customer. Quality all the way around! Brent, you are doing things right and I wish you continued success in you business!

Phillip F,  Coshocton, Ohio


I was one of the very first to purchase a 3 row 3pt planter from Brent many years ago and still use it every year to plant my soybeans, corn, and egyptian wheat screens on my Nebraska farm.  The planter has held up tremendously well and the nice thing about Brent was that whenever I had a question or needed some help, he would always take the time to help me out.  That is what service after the sale is all about.  I am a satisfied JWS customer for life!

Marty E,  Nebraska


I purchased a 2 row atv planter from Brent to use on my eastern Nebraska hunting property. This was my first time ever operating a piece of food plot planting equipment and the soybeans I planted turned out great!  Thanks for a great piece of food plot planting equipment!

Paul H,  Nebraska 


We added a 2 row atv planter from JWS to add to our lineup of food plot rental equipment here in Wisconsin.  It was a no brainer to go with a BruteBuster Atv Planter when you get a firsthand look at how well these planters are put together.  Food plot rental equipment takes a beating and the atv planter has held up extremely well! 

Fed Coop,  Wisconsin


I run a custom food plot planting business in Wisconsin and purchased the 2 row Brutebuster atv planter from Brent last spring.  The planter was simple to setup and the plots I planted look fantastic.  The planter is so well built that I even started renting it out to others who wish to plant their own plots here in western Wisconsin.  I payed for 1/2 of the planter the first year of renting it out!  Thanks for a great piece of food plot planting equipment!

Ben K,  Wisconsin