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Welcome to Jungman Wildlife Supply.  Besides handling a full line of wildlife nutritional products, we operate a fully equipped mfg shop specializing in fabricating high quality atv foodplot planters as well as several models of foodplot planters made especially for smaller tractors.

"Growing up in a small north central Nebraska Farming & Ranching community and also being involved in the daily operations of a family-owned ranch has given me many great opportunities.  One of which being the ability to test out seed as well as our foodplot planters on my own property before passing them on to customers.  

--Brent Jungman 
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With close to 150 acres of custom planting jobs already in the books for both spring and fall plots, it's shaping up to be another very busy custom food plot planting season this year in northern nebraska for us.  With over 16 years of food plot planting experience, we have the knowledge and the right equipment to get the job done in a timely manner.  Our spring food plot plantings consist mainly of corn, soybeans, and milo/sorghum mixes for both upland gamebirds as well as for whitetails.  Late summer and fall planted food plots consist of brassicas, winter wheat, winter rye, australian winter peas, clovers, and forage oats.  We will work with several local as well as out of state seed companies to get the lowest priced seed for your plantings. 



I received my 3 row planter with liquid fertilizer from Jungman Wildlife Supply a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to break it in yesterday. I am impressed! This thing was tossing lightly chopped corn stubble out of the way and doing a great job planting in a far less than perfect seed bed. This unit has a very short learning curve which is aided by a good manual and great service on his end. I'm very happy with this planter.  --H.R. Carver N. Carolina, Bioplots Food Plot  Management,

Brent, Again It was a pleasure to meet you last week! If there are others out there looking for small farm or food plot equipment that is quality made in the USA and buy something other than equipment from Jungman then they bought from the wrong company!When Brent said he would correct an issue with my ATV 2 row planter last year I took it with a "grain of salt" but he made good on his promise; not only did he redesign the lift for the planter but made a trip to Ohio to exchange the parts and put them on a newly designed lift!  I don't know of any other company that would go that extra mile to support the customer. Quality all they way around!  Brent, you are doing things right and I wish you continued success in you business!  --Phillip F. , Coshocton, OH

We began using the Boss Buck 350lb Protein Feeders that we purchased from Brent ealier this spring and absolutely love em. We are running a total of 5 feeders with our feed and mineral for the deer and these feeders definitely keep the supplement out of the elements and always available for the deer and turkeys. Brent was great to work with and we strongly recommend Jungman Wildlife Supply for your food plot needs and feeders.  Happy Hunting,   --Scott, M

I met Brent about three years ago. At the time, I was just getting into the food plot game as I had recently purchased my first piece of property. I had way too many questions about everything, and thankfully Brent had plenty of patience and was always willing to help. In 2009 during my tenure as President of the Heartland Branch of the QDMA, I invited Brent to come and demonstrate his ATV model 2 row planter. Without hesitation, he accepted the offer and happily trailered his equipment all the way from Atkinson, Nebraska to Mondamin, Iowa and helped us out with the Heartland’s first ever Food Plot Day. Right off the bat it was obvious that Brent’s implements were different. I had done every internet search, been to the QDMA National Convention, been to every implement dealer and Habitat Development seminar that my schedule would allow, and none of the other pieces of equipment even came close. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of good equipment out there, some of which is even made right here in the USA. But, trust me, there’s a difference. Simply said, when Brent fabricates a piece of equipment it’s like he’s building it for my great, great grandchildren rather than me.  This stuff is that well built, actually, it’s over-built. So in 2010 I purchased my three row 3 point planter from Brent. He delivered it to my farm in South Central Nebraska last May. He stayed all day and made sure I understood how to operate the machine. Brent and I planted two acres of beans that day, some corn, and even found time to plant a beautiful Egyptian Wheat screen using the planter so I could sneak in and out of a favorite stand undetected. The planter operated flawlessly. I have plans to put in between 7 and 10 acres with it this spring. This past winter I called Brent and asked if he would fabricate a cultipacker for me. There are plenty of commercially built cultipackers on the market, but nobody builds one the way I know Brent will. I can’t wait to have my new cultipacker delivered this spring!  There’s one more thing I’d like to say about Brent and how he operates. It seems like this day and age of microwave dinners and plastic car bumpers that customer service has become a lost art. Every time I’ve had a question (and I have lots!) Brent has answered the phone to help me sort it out. And, last summer, he returned to our 2010 Heartland Branch food plot day to lend another helping and educational hand. Even when I bother him with constant silly questions on electric fencers, or how many seeds are in a bag of corn…he always makes time. I appreciate that kind of customer service, and I know you will too.I am a JWS customer for life!  --Marty, Nebraska   

Considering buying a food plot planter? Here is what you need to know about Brent Jungman and his products... "ROCK SOLID" From technical knowledge and customer service through fabrication on your unit you will be flat out satisfied everytime 100%. You can find food plot planters all over the internet, I've seen and looked at them all and nowhere can you find the exceptional high quality built for a lifetime solid construction JWS employs in their units, it just doesn't exist anywhere else period!  --Jason S.

We’ve hired Jungman Wildlife Supply to plant food plots on our Nebraska ranch for two years now. We’ve noticed a huge difference in the number and quality of deer we see and shoot. I followed the recommendations of the owner, Brent Jungman. We noticed a difference the first year the plots were planted. The second year, things got even better with numerous bachelor groups called our ranch home during the summer, and stayed around long enough to be harvested during firearm and muzzleloader season.  --Brent K.  Nebraska

The knowledge on managing habitat for whitetails that this young man brings to the table and is willing to share for free is second to none.  We purchased multiple feeders from Brent to add to our outfitting property's and even had him manufacture a custom made tillage implement that we use on our food plots.  Needless to say, everything performs just like he said.  Friendly service and a willingness to go out of his way will keep us coming back.  Thanks Again!!!    --Tom A. 

 I purchased the BruteBuster HD 3 row 3pt planter with fertilizer from JWS in the spring of 2013 for use on my Michigan hunting property.  Having zero experience operating a planter before, Brent assured me of the simplicity of the unit and that I would have success.  He also promised me that if the need arose, would only be a phone call away.  The pictures I sent you of my food plots that I planted with your 3 row planter speak for themselves.  You definitely have the best built row crop food plot planter out there!  Thanks again for a great product!   --Robert, Michigan 


Brent, I picked up your 2 row atv planter you shipped to me this afternoon and all I can say is WOW!  I am thoroughly impressed with the workmanship and the quality components that make up this unit.  Comparing this unit to some of the other atv planters on the market is like night and day.  The amount of iron in this beast is incredible.  I cannot wait to get the atv planter home and put some seed in the ground with it.  The guys at Tractor Supply where the planter was shipped to thought it was the neatest piece of planting equipment they've ever seen.  I plan on showing off the atv planter to several of the local hunters in the area and see if we can't get you some more business from Ohio.  Thanks again for such a quality piece of planting equipment!  --Phill, Ohio  

In the spring of 2011 I purchased your 2 row model planter for my compact tractor to plant some food plots for the wildlife that lived on my property.  My wife wasn't real thrilled with my new purchase till after I showed her how fast I could plant the sweet corn and beans in our large garden with the planter.  Needless to say she thinks the planter was a pretty good purchase.  Thanks again!   --Doug, Texas   

Our company was in the market for a 2 row planter that was capable of planting pumpkins for a division of Nestle Foods Inc.  A quick google search revealed numerous brands of 2 row planters but upon closer inspection, the JWS manufactured planter was definitely at the top compared to the other planters that we looked at.  In this day and age, you really do get what you pay for and we were very satisfied with our planter purchase from JWS.  --Nestle Foods Inc, Illinois   

After doing some extensive research on compact planters for food plots, it really was a no brainer after talking with Brent and looking over the well built machines that JWS manufactures.  Our rocky soils here in Pennsylvania would've caused some issues with other planters but not with the shark tooth equipped BruteBuster planter.  The shark tooth row cleaners did an excellent job of clearing the residue and smaller rocks out of the seeding units path.  What I liked best about the machine is the simplicity of use.  I'm not a farmer and have never operated a row crop planter before but Brent assured me I would catch right on and I sure did!  My corn and soybean foodplots that I planted for the deer living on my farm turned out beautiful and I even managed to harvest a great buck with my bow that spent the entire summer feeding in the soybean food plot that was planted with the JWS planter.  Thanks again from a satisfied customer!    --Bill, Pennsylvania  

Due to the growing amount of hunters wanting to add food plots to their hunting land in our area and no place to rent quality planting equipment from,  we decided to purchase several pieces of planting equipment that could be rented out to individuals to use.   After spending a considerable amount of time looking over the various atv food plot planting equipment that was available to purchase, it became apparent pretty quickly that the atv planters that Jungman Wildlife Supply manufacture are indeed top of the line, high performance food plot planting machines.  In the equipment rental business, machines will get used very hard and the choice to go with your atv planter was a no brainer.  Thank you for a great HEAVY DUTY planter!!   --Federation Cooperative, Black River Falls, WI