Real World Soybeans

Real World Soybeans were produced strictly for hunters living in the midwest or northern parts of the U.S.  Besides Real World Soybeans being completely Round Up Ready, the most unique trait that was bred into this blend of soybeans is their ability to be shatter resistant and hold pods well into early spring.  The problem with most ag type soybean blends that  farmers plant is that once the actual soybean plants begin drying down in the fall, shattering of the pods typically happens shortly after.  Soybean pods that are buried under a foot of snow in the midwest require too much energy from the deer to find and will force them to move onto easier available foodsources.  The shatter resistant trait of the Real World Soybean Seed resulted from planting over 50 varieties of different soybean seeds and than selecting and breeding those soybean plants that held onto their pods late into the year.  If you've never had the privilege of hunting over a field of standing soybeans with the pods still intact during the late season, than I strongly urge you to try Real World Soybeans and see for yourself the incredible drawing power these beans have.  Real World Soybeans are available in 50lb bags that plant 1 acre.     

RR Real World Soybeans 50lb bag Covers 1 Acre  $75.00

SwitchGrass Seed For Sale

One of the most important and often overlooked keys to holding deer on your property is lack of safe, secure, and secluded bedding cover.  Deer and especially mature bucks could care less about how many acres worth of food plots you plant on your property and how good they look.  Secure cover always rules over food plots when dealing with mature bucks and this is why we have added this exceptional variety of switchgrass to our product aresenal.  Higher standability performance, faster growth, and height advantage against other varieties of switchgrass and native warm season grasses that were tested are just a few of the reasons why we use and recommend giving this variety of switchgrass for your next warm season grass planting a try.  A couple of reasons why I prefer pure solid stands of switchgrass for my whitetail bedding area plantings are: 1. Switchgrass is the more dominant species and will eventually outcompete other native warm season grasses such as Indian grass and Big Bluestem when mixed together.  2.Unlike fluffy native grass such as Indian grass or Big Bluestem that require a special and expensive seeder,  Switchgrass is a hard seed similiar to a clover seed with the user friendly advantage of being able to succesfully broadcast spread the seed with a handspreader or 12 volt mounted atv spreader and have great results.  In the picture above I stand at about 5ft 9 inches tall and this second year stand of switchgrass is towering over me at 7ft tall. In my honest opinion, a secluded 5-10+ acre stand of this switchgrass is some of the finest deer bedding that you can provide on your property. 

10lb bag Switchgrass covers 2-3 acres         $150.00

50lb bag Switchgrass covers 10-15 acres     $700.00


Forage Soybeans

Jungman Wildlife Supply is your premier dealer for Forage Soybeans in the state of Nebraska.  There are several reasons why Forage Soybeans should be included in your foodplot plantings this year. One of the reasons is the ease of these soybeans being Roundup Ready tolerant. What this means to you is the simplicity of keeping your soybean foodplot free of weeds and grasses.  This results in less competition for water and available nutrients and more tonnage per acre of high protein feed for your deerherd.  Another reason for planting  Forage Soybeans is that the forage soybeans have an extremely high tolerance to drought.  Living in the unpredictable weather patterns of Nebraska you need a foodplot forage that will stay green and palatable during the critical antler growing months.  Long after clover plots have shriveled up from the lack of moisture and intense summer heat of Nebraska summers,  Forage Soybeans will remain green and producing quality high protein forage up to 40% protein.  Finally, the last and one of the more important reasons for planting  Forage Soybeans into your foodplots this year is their amazing ability to withstand heavy grazing pressure from deer.  The problem with conventional soybeans is that you have to plant many acres of the beans to keep their growth ahead of the grazing pressure from deer.  With  Forage Soybeans you can plant half as many acres as conventional beans and still have a soybean food plot that will blow away any other forage soybean on the market today.   Forage Soybeans are able to grow to extreme heights of up to 84 inches, produce unbelievable amounts of biomass and will stay green up until the first hard frost.  Available in a 50 lb. bag which plants 1 acre if row planted or 2/3 of an acre if broadcasted.

No longer available!                 



Shipping/Arranged Pickup Policy

All seed and equipment can be picked up at my shop at an arranged date and time.  On larger orders, delivery may be possible on a reasonable travel distance.  Just give me a call or email and I will work with you as best as possible to cut down on shipping expenses.