Food Plot Planting Services

Besides carrying a complete line of Antler King Wildlife Products, Jungman Wildlife Supply offers a complete turn-key  food plot planting service to you.  By implementing my 10+ years of food plot planting experience, you can rest assured of a successful planting every time.  I use only top of the line equipment that is made strictly for the type of seed being planted on your land.  My planting methods include: broadcast seeding and some row plantings on certain varieties.  Each seed variety is unique in it’s own way and therefore requires a specific set of planting guidelines.  Once the perfect spot has been selected, I will come in and take several soil samples of the area.  This is by far one of the most important yet over-looked aspects to a successful food plot.  By using the Antler King instant Ph soil test kits, I will know what the Ph of the soil is in twenty minutes.  No more taking your samples to your local extension office and waiting weeks to get your test results back.  After the soil test is completed, I will apply the recommended amount of lime and fertilizer to the soil and lightly disk it in.  Vary rarely and especially on new food plots I will never lime/fertilize and plant all in the same day.  The soil needs time to break down and absorb the nutrients.  Finally, when it is getting close to planting time, which is usually a week or two after the lime and fertilizer have been spread, I will pay very close attention to the weather forecast for that week.  I will never plant in drought like conditions.  No matter how good your soil is, your food plot is destined for failure without an adequate supply of rainfall especially on new plantings.  On planting day, prior to spreading the seeds, the newly growing grasses and weeds will be disked under in your plot and than the entire food plot will be cultipacked.  This will smooth out and provide a firm seed bed which is ideal for a good seed to soil contact which results in superior germination.  Once the seedbed is properly prepared I will either broadcast or row plant the seeds depending on the type of seed being planted.  Seed that requires broadcasting will be followed up by a quick pass of the cultipacker which will gently press the seeds down into the soil at an ideal level for optimum germination.  Once that is completed will we hope for a nice gentle rain with some ideal temps and  your food plot should be sprouting in just a few short days!